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Stevie Be Zet

Posted by Void on 2002-07-10, 08:48:14
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Forest, I was listening to archive number 0225.5 and in the later part of the broadcast I came across Man in the Machine by Stevie Be Zet. I was amazed by this track, it is brilliant. however when I attempted to look for it, I failed to find any of his work. It all seems out of print, I even looked on ebay and failed to find anything there.<br><br>My question is, after using up my resources such as<br>Unspunrecords, infrarot, isotank, cdnow, amazon, ebay, new used and specialty stores, where else do I look?<br><br>What else has Stevie Be Zet Done? Does the rest of Archaic Modulation compare to this track? <br><br>I am a collector of music, and have just recently gotten into the ambient genre. If you could help it would be great. <br><br>Listener since 95<br><br>DJ Void<br><br>

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