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Out seeing the world..

Posted by Wonka on 2002-07-22, 01:07:55
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At least a few of the Western States.<br>This summer to date has been very exciting. I now have a few more road maps under my belt since I went to Californie in May. Our company is expanding into Denver and Boise, so they sent me to Denver (first time east of the Continental Divide) to help set up communications for our new building. In Two weeks I will go set up communications for our New Boise Store, then after that I take a road trip through Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Las Vegas and maybe Los Angeles.<br>The only states I will not have visited out here in the West will most likely be Oregon and Washington. If I'm gone on the weekends I'll have to tune in online to stay updated on the music.<br>Keep in touch and have a safe fun rest of the summer all'yall..

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