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re: re: TK's request for Wonka...

Posted by A51D6 on 2002-07-22, 19:42:12
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(cue harmonica, twangy guitar, and mucho reverb, as our intrepid MIB queries in his gruffest voice)<br><br>What drives a man tah go West? <br><br>Sorry folx, couldn't resist--cuz I have Roach &amp; King's Dust2Dust CD. How cool would country music as a genre be if more albums sounded like that?! Cannot recommend enough, buy it if you don't already have it (no, Stevie didn't pay me to plug...i reckon it's just that dang good). Excellent road trip tuneage.<br><br>PS Any recommendations for anything out there that resembles the style of Dust 2 Dust?

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