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Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-07-27, 09:06:10
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Is my presence really known by othere people out there while I'm on line? I mean, do people really know which websites I've visited and can they track down my email addresses? Can they get an idea as to where I live?<br>Can *I* find out who is out &quot;there&quot; visiting certain websites and can *I* track down their email addresses? I just never realized that the internet was that advanced. Do *I* have this power to do all of these things -- not necessarily legal? Can I survey a group of people on-line without them even noticing and learning their likes and the possibility of purchasing or trading something in the near future. <br>Does the internet give me a clairvoyance, so-to-speak, to connect with people more than ever before?<br>Or am I just trippin' right now? <br>It's a far-out dream. How is it possible for the recording industry to do all of this and if they have this power, why don't they create a new market or a new way to sell music. Think of the possibilities businesses have by knowing who is out &quot;there&quot; and what they are doing.

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