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re: re: love yas

Posted by darius on 2002-07-31, 19:02:31
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hey ezy, thanks for referring to me on your recent starstreams distribution...i am deeply grateful man, really thanks* since then i've gotten more people interested in the show &amp; also the &quot;big chill&quot; scene in general, all thanks to you my friend &lt;_&gt; peace &amp; grace<br>and the shows keep coming...beauty after beauty<br>madison's voice is spine-chilling, forest's musical selections are extraordinaire &lt;&lt;&lt;did i spell that right?<br>i love starstreams...that's exactly why im in college at this moment working on a degree in communications/broadcast communications. My dream career is musical distribution through radio/internet/television...anyway to spread the love; this music saves lives* and i know this from experience* Ezyrider, if you could please burn a copy of the past two shows for me, i will greatly appreciate it* I guess I'll go find that song by Chris Zippel though &quot;Wo Ewig&quot; something ??? your cassette will be shipped as soon as you send me your address, i'm putting some designs on it* Forest, I would also love to send you/Madison a copy of it, maybe you can spotlight it on the show...just maybe<br>peace &amp; grace<br>hirvana@hotmail.com<br>

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