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Hitler, comunism, and CARP

Posted by Carl on 2002-08-01, 11:34:06
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Hello everybodys it is Carl. Sorry i havnt ben on the forum for a while but working at the clark stashen as a nite man has me rilly tired. At the hospitle I could go and take a nap but at the clark stashen I have to stay awake all nite and watch for peoples who might try to rob me. Ive been learing kung fu and Im getting rilly good at it. <br>I keep reading about this new enemy called CARP and it makes me rilly mad to know that they can stop peoples listening to music that makes them happy. I told grandpa and he said that after he defeeted hitler in the war a new enemy was made. It was called comunism and it started taking over the world. Grandpa showed me his guns rifles and hanger nades that he was colecting to use on comunism if it came to his house. But now we have a new enemy called CARP. Ive ben praccticing my kung fu and showed grandpa my weapons to use on CARP if they come over to are house. I use the machetee to cut threw broom sticks. I'm going to practice cuting off CARPS feet just like grandpa did to hitler. <br>Evrybodys it is time to fight and not let CARP take over the world. Do what you can to stop this evil forse. Take care of yourselfs.

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