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re: This law will affect more than just music business!!!!!!!

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-08-01, 16:55:14
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Hey carl, long time no &quot;see&quot;!<br>Earlier today I read an article in the New York Times about how a recent survey of internet shopping indicates that consumers are willing to pay for things that were once for free in the internet. Example: downloading news articles and paying for e-cards. Why are American consumers allowing this to happen? <br>And now we go back to this CARP ruling. Is this just the beginning? Most people see the internet as a source of emailing friends and reading little informative articles. But many people do not see that the internet is a free and open market place. Within 5-10 years, people will be conducting business on the internet more and more. Will there be future laws that mandate consumers to pay unnecessary fees to middle-men when doing business on the internet. <br>The 21st century is brining a new market domination and monopoly. Unfortunately most people do not fully understand the internet and it's possibilities. Most people have a hard time understanding that the internet is a very tangible marketplace. So here's the question: how are we going to get people involved in this? How are going to make people understand that this CARP ruling is just the beginning to businesses dominating the market on the internet? People need to be made more aware of what American freedom means when it comes to free enterprise.

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