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Making the switch?

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-08-10, 06:28:02
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I think I'm making the switch from listening to dance music to going exclusively to Starstreams and ambient style music. I'm listening to this station right now on AOL called Ambient and it's very similar to Musical Starstreams. I never realized this before, but this style of music featured on your show provides me with a release. <br> Maybe it's the time of day and the frame of mind I'm in. I've been up since 3am doing my real estate grunt work (generating prospects, looking up phone numbers etc...) and then at 4am I started my daily workout. I started listening to dance music but I was getting sick of it. So I switched to Ambient... incredible... totally weird... I feel so energized like something has been unlocked that was trapped. <br> I keep getting these abstract &quot;views or visions&quot; of places. These places keep motivating me and unlocking energy inside of me. I never realized that the show was doing that to me. <br> I'm going to do an experiment and put the house, disco, mixes and all other dance music away. I'm just going to listen to this kind of music and see what happens.

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