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re: re: Regarding Streaming Audio -- additional questions

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-08-12, 07:10:00
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I don't know much about downloading music on the internet or listening to live broadcasts because my computer doesn't seem to let me. The only thing I can do is listen to Radio AOL. I wish I could listen to Starstreams : ( <br> Anyway, is RIAA going after websites that act as a radio station? From what I understand, Starstreams.com allows people to download weekly shows (again, something I'd love to do). There is something else called live 365 that gives me the impression that you hear whatever is being played at that moment, almost like a radio station. So if RIAA is going after something like that as well, will FM radio stations that let you listen on-line be affected? <br> BTW-- why does my computer only let me listen to the first 30 seconds of the show and then stop with a message saying, &quot;formatting&quot;?

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