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re: re: re: re: Bummed

Posted by Wolfman on 2002-08-22, 21:51:01
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It isn't so much copying that is the issue. I've been downloading every program since I found MSS, and even downloaded every program that was available on the site. This was LOTS of fun with a 26.4K modem connection - 10 hours actual downloading time, not to mention the idle time between downloads since I had to leave the machine alone and do other projects. I've recently just got set up with a broadband connection (satellite), and the program downloads in 20 minutes now. I also have a PC in my living room that is networked to my main PC in my office. It is also hooked directly up to my entertainment center. :) <br> <br> I'm bummed as I will not get to look forward to getting off of work every Sunday night/Monday morning, and unwinding to the program on the way home. I carpooled with my neighbour, who told me about MSS, and we would just immerse ourselves in the program during the drive. It is this that I'm going to miss..... <br> <br> I just bought an MP3 compatible car stereo for my new car, and will be able to store 6 programs on one CD, and play them in the car. Can't wait for it to arrive, so I can get busy installing it. Lookin' forward to carrying two CD's of nothing but MSS, and driving all day on them during vacations.

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