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re: re: Deja Vu...sorta.

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-08-20, 21:18:46
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Yes, I noticed the re-mix of &quot;desert wind&quot;. I thought maybe that was just the updated Waveform Track. I have the original version of &quot;mecca of space&quot; and the original version of &quot;beam&quot; off 1AD. Then when I ordered the seven cassette blow out package, I heard entirely new versions of these songs. I figured songs get updated from time to time. <br> Also, do you remember that song from Suzuki in Dub off VooDoo Roux? The version on that compilation is cool. But I do have the original as first introduced on the program. <br> Oh, I also have the original &quot;druck&quot; as featured in the early 90s. <br> I have the original &quot;beautiful lady&quot; without the voice being reverbed. <br> And at one time I had the original version of this one song that says, &quot;The god of western civilization has nothing to do with women!&quot; And I also had the original version of &quot;the mushroom song&quot; off Slumberland Episode Two. Sorry, can't think of the name off hand. <br> I just figured all the Starstreams songs get updated from time to time. It's cool! Keep the original versions because it's neat to hear them after a several years when they all change.

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