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re: re: Any Massive Attack fans here?

Posted by David on 2002-09-07, 13:21:14
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Absolutely! I'm a big fan of their music. Also check out &quot;Protection&quot;, released in 1995 which sports the incredible trip-hop vocal combo with Tracy Thorn from Everything But the Girl. It's outstanding. Although I wouldn't necessarily expect MS to play this kind of music, it's really unfortunate that the current pathetic state of radio won't accommodate great music like this. That pairing with EBTG's singer spawned their transition into the genre, and led to some interesting releases of their own. Try &quot;Back to Mine&quot; - there's a great cut from Beth Orton on there as well ('Stars all Seem to Weep')...she got started with William Orbit a few years back. <br> <br> I also have an interesting CD 'Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor' (&quot;No Protection&quot;), mainly instrumental-dub remixes of the original album. <br> <br> I've made some great compilation CDs including Massive Attack's music. Fantastic driving music.

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