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re: re: John Stanford's email

Posted by Sphexi on 2002-09-17, 18:24:48
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Here's the email I received from John back in April. Haven't heard anything about a new album since. Anyway seems like a decent down-to-earth guy. <br> <br> Sphexi out. <br> <br> Hi Dennis, <br> <br> Thanks for getting in touch. I have been working on many new tracks, but I seem to have been having a bit of a block lately. I have about 15 tracks but I can't ever seem to get any of them finished. Perhaps I'm being too picky. I also can't decide whether I should have vocals on this album or keep it to the same instrumental style. <br> <br> The website never gets updated because I work for a website in my day job, and I never want to go near it once I get home :) I also don't get to my studio much to check this mail - More laziness! I have added your email to my mailing list, and will let you know if I have any more tracks uploaded to the site. <br> <br> I'm glad you liked the album, you'll be the first to know when there is some more. <br> <br> Take Care, <br> <br> John <br>

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