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More information on Internet monopoly!

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-09-17, 10:19:18
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Check this out! I chose a small company to host my website for my real estate business. The price was low and the website served it's purpose. I was getting hits on line and people were starting to shop on my website. <br> Over the weekend I could not gain access to my website on AOL. I had to use a different computer with a different server to access my utility menu so I could contact technical support. Here is the reply I got from the technical support department: <br> If you are an AOL, Roadrunner or using any branch of AOL to connect to <br> the internet and cannot see your site it is because AOL is blocking our <br> services at this time. We are in contact with them right now to find <br> out why they have been blocking us and to get it released. We do <br> apologize if you cannot see your site but we are doing our best to get <br> this sorted with AOL. Thank you for your patience. <br> <br> So did a few companies get together to ask that small services be blocked from internet service providers? I'm telling you, this stuff is pure evil! It tears the very thread out of what the internet is all about! <br>

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