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The recent trend -- Disturbing

Posted by Techno Kid on 2002-09-22, 06:50:48
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I mentioned about a dark age in this society on my post today. Here's something for everyone to think about: <br> Do you notice that many people enjoy these reality shows where people get &quot;voted off the island&quot; or &quot;evicted from the house&quot; simply because they were a little different or created a slight disturbance in the group. <br> Peple are REALLY into that today. A group of people get together and find out a way to get rid of an individual because he or she is too different or causes a certain competition. I think this has happened to me time and time again this year and that is why I have called this a mini-dark age. <br> We say terrorism is going to bring down the concept of America? Try things like corporate corruption, casting people out of a group, market allocation, anti-trust and every other thing which has suddenly evolved out of society that is anti-American.

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