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"Dunya" Days (done dirt cheap!)

Posted by PurpleToe on 2002-09-30, 20:50:21
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Those of us in the Greater Chicagoland area, as we know, are experiencing exceptionally dry, warm, breezy conditions the last couple days. Just for the halibut, I put on the LOOP GURU disc yesterday, and have been playing it exclusively since. I'll probably replace it soon, but boy it's been fun. The Weather's been perfect for it. <br> I've had that sucker for several months now, but haven't been this &quot;ga-ga&quot; 'bout it till now. It's all timing and mindset, I reckon. <br> It just dawned on me Waveform has four mid/fareast flavored albums as of now. These are, in my order of preference.. <br> Blood Is Shinning <br> Nomadic Impressions <br> Dunya <br> Indumundi. <br> Of course these are strongly WESERNIZED in style too. ( With the exception of &quot;Nomadic&quot;. Very Cinematic! ) <br> It's too bad Forest hasn't come across more Japaneese or Japanese-flavored artists worthy of publication. ( The sole exception being the challenging and brilliant &quot;Planned Penetration&quot;. God! I *never* get tired of that!) I hear Maestro often playing many compelling Japanese artists on the show, from other labels. Me thinks the Arabian/Indian terrain has been pretty well covered with the above four titles. <br> Keeping my fingers crossed! (With chopsticks...) <br>

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re: "Dunya" Days (done dirt cheap!)   posted by: P-Toe

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