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Question about a song

Posted by Resonance on 2009-04-23, 06:20:55
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Okay, this isn''t one of those posts trying to describe a song based on what it sounds like. I actually have words. <br> I am very curious about who the person is being discussed. I don''t have the exact words, but here is what I can describe: <br> &quot;He made so many contributions in so many different fields... from the time he came to the US in 1965 until his death in 1977, he made so many contributions... Many authors become well known for writing one, two, or three books, but he made 60 or 70 literatures which one could spend a lifetime reading and never fully comprehend the depth of... So he made the most contributions in literature, the most contributions in music, but that''s not all: some say his writings were science...&quot; <br> I guess my main question is who is the person being discussed in this song? Is it Carlos Casteneda or someone like that? At some point I barely heard the voice call him Cheetah in the song? I would really be interested in reading these literatures.

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