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Songs with stories

Posted by Resonance on 2009-04-23, 06:45:59
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What makes a Starstreams song a smash hit? Well there are many elements such as the sound or the mood it may create. But one element that can put the icing on the cake of a smash hit for starstreams are the stories that run in the background. <br> Take for example: The song Dalam discusses the use of mushrooms to speak to the dead who reside in the spirit world. But at some point, something went terribly wrong. After some probing we found that the words to this song were taken from an X-Files episode. <br> But what about songs like Drugstore from SFTG? Was that a real place? Were those drug dealers who made $50,000 at the night of its peak before closing shop forever? Did they escape getting busted by the authorities? <br> How about the ancient classic Tales of a Beautiful Lady? Was that recorded from an Art Bell interview with an exorcist? <br> I suspect Cosmix will follow this tradition of smash hits. I am conviced that the stories behind these songs make the music fascinating.

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