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Radio Stations!

Posted by Bob on 2009-06-22, 10:20:59
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Radio Stations! <br> <br> I had a lot of frustration with internet radio stations, trying to get this week's MSS webcast. First, Saturday night I couldn't get anything from KSSJ. I don't know if they had a problem or if there is some setting wrong with my browser. <br> <br> Next I tried KGSR. They started 20 minutes early but I happened to catch the start of the show. I got 4 sets but the signal was lost before the start of the last set. <br> <br> Then I went to KEGR. They were playing the wrong set, 0625 from three years ago. <br> <br> Finally I went to KNIK. I got the first two songs from the last set but they just cut away in the middle of the third song. Evidently they are a bit anal about the two hour time limit. Oh well, I enjoy a challenge, and I also enjoy the music I got. <br>

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