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Outersect- God Love the Fool [Beats & Pieces]- Out 4/20!

Posted by Beats & Pieces on 2010-04-23, 05:00:54
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Outersect- God Love the Fool [BNP004] <br> <br> Release Date: April 20, 2010 <br> <br> Release page with samples: <a href="http://www.bnprecords.com/cd-96/Outersect/God-Love-the-Fool.html" Target="_BLANK">http://www.bnprecords.com/cd-96/Outersect/God-Love-the-Fool.html</a> <br> <br> File under: Psychill, Chillout, Electronica, Downtempo, Psydub. <br> <br> Release note <br> Beats &amp; Pieces very proudly presents the second Outersect album - God Love the Fool! Outersect is Rob Rayle''s groundbreaking genre-bending electronic studio project. Rob is a veteran San Francisco based producer of psychedelic music. He spent years composing and performing in rock bands before the Burning Man festival altered his musical direction forever. The work of a mature artist at the peak of his creative power, God Love the Fool offers a unique combination of the best jumpy psychill, techno-bluegrass and 70s progressive rock influences. God Love the Fool dances between these styles while guiding the listener on a seamless musical journey into the Outersect. Yes, it really is as interesting as it sounds. Don''t miss this musical experience that will make your body and mind dance - play the fool! <br> <br> Track list: <br> 01. Kali Ma (Album Mix) <br> 02. Patchouli Scented Plastic <br> 03. Everything Disappears <br> 04. Ikodia <br> 05. Buford Bombed the Bass (Fishing with Grenades Mix) <br> 06. To Take a Single Conscious Breath Without Discursive Thought <br> 07. God Love the Fool <br> 08. Techno Hillbilly Hoedown <br> 09. You Are Nature <br> 10. Mutania <br> 11. Aleko <br> <br> <br> You can order straight from our website: <a href="http://www.bnprecords.com/cd.html" Target="_BLANK">http://www.bnprecords.com/cd.html</a> <br> Or through all major shops &amp; download shops! <br> <br>

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re: Outersect- God Love the Fool [Beats & Pieces]- Out 4/20!   posted by: forest

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