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Love SS and Waveform! Help me help you Forest :)

Posted by Ace Dunn on 2010-06-22, 03:01:58
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I can not remember when I first stumbled upon my very first Starstreams net stream. It was 3 or 4 years ago. I have tuned in consistently since then and, at first, kept it as my own personal radio listening experience and indulgence. I was selling the very first XM and Sirius satellite radios at Circuit City and, like you, have enjoyed the rapid expansion of this technology based/next generation of radio. These days I get such a great feeling when I play Starstreams around my friends and family and they have a similar reaction to it that I first had. "This is pretty cool, what is this?" I love telling people about Starstreams because it really does have a serious "wow" factor for most people. Where has this music been hiding? What is this? Is this new? It's almost like finding buried treasure. <br> <br> Forest, I can tell you without a doubt, that you have an ever growing group of followers in this genre of music that is just so cerebral and moving. You have refined your programing style and continue to polish it to an ever brightening shine. I am proud to call myself a Starstreams fan and feel like I kinda got in on the ground floor of something truly important and almost "exclusive". It's underground and special to those of us who are "in the know". <br> <br> Naturally I spread the word because I love the music and I want to share that with others. I just listen to it all the time. Often the same broadcasts on Live365, over and over again. It's the background music for my life and consequently, Starstreams is usually playing around me. Others overhear it and they like it as well. What is especially cool, is the fact that it is just so instantly liked by many that have heard it around me. You most definitely have your finger on the pulse of a soul enriching and spirit elevating sound. Thank you for encapsulating it and feeding it to your listeners in tasty and gratifyingly palatable doses. <br> <br> Like I said, I love to spread the word. Is there more that I can do? I have seen and heard your spectrum of absolutely awesome musical sensory stimulation. Please, please: Help me by letting me help you amplify and expand the waveform. :) <br> <br> <br> Very Sincerely, <br> <br> Ace

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re: Love SS and Waveform! Help me help you Forest :)   posted by: forest

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