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Someone help a Chicagoan here!!

Posted by A51D6 on 2010-10-17, 13:34:52
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So ever since the "smooth jazz" format packed up and moved to a new "address" up the dial here in Chicago, I see they''ve manage to "forget" to bring something with them.

Namely, Starstreams, of course.

I know what you''re gonna say, Forest...just listen to the RadioIO feed, or the Live365 station. Here''s my issue with these options...RadioIO is supposed to be the "whole enchilada" of Starstreams history all rolled up into one convenient station. All, that is, except the new stuff. If the RadioIO feed does feature anything that''s debuted/released within the past 12-18 months I''d never be able to tell, not without a playlist. And the Live365 station is still stuck in 2009. I would not even complain if Live threw just a small smattering of ''10 shows my way.

Yeah, I''m the guy who used to complain, ironically enough, about not hearing enough "classic ''Streams." And let''s be honest, fellow Streamers, if Forest doesn''t keep me up to speed on electronique exotique au courant, who will?...Mindy Abair? Don''t think so. (not the awesomely deep stuff anyway.) I miss keeping up with each week''s new MS playlist, what can I say? But the online feeds don''t really give me that option, unless there''s another option of which I''m not aware...

Which leaves me with contacting the current "smooth jazz" station here in Chitown. But short of Rick O''Dell greenlighting MS again (which, based on what I''ve heard/read, I doubt will happen), then what?

Sorry to come back after a loooong absence only to rant something awful. Like I said, I miss my Streams. _New_ ''Streams.

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