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New Music....

Posted by Trent on 2010-12-01, 22:01:53
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Hi All, quick note about some new music I''ve been exploring lately...just picked up "In the Days of Jupiter" by Lights Out Asia. Nice! Definitely on the darker side of the psy-ambient/post-rock genre, whatever we''re calling it these days, it''s outstanding. Especially the track ''Shifting Sands Wreck Ships'' - check it out. Also, SubtractiveLAD''s "Life at the End of the World" has to be my favorite release this year in this sub-genre of ambient (that dude is prolific, last year''s "where the land meets the sky" is now in my top 10 all time). I''ve also had Dave Preston''s "Soundtrack for Motion" in heavy rotation lately, it''s also a release from this year I believe. Other interesting stuff: Antoine Dufour, Nemesis, Soporus. It''s been a very good couple of years for an interesting new spin on the ambient genre. I like it. Later,

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