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re: re: re: Anyone have ANY playlists from 94,95,or 96?... Anything!?

Posted by Robert on 2011-03-12, 12:22:33
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Sorry Forest, I was just a kid and blank tapped shows through those years. Through time and bad judgement, Ive lost or broke those cassettes. Its funny, I can hear those songs and sounds in my head right now, but just cant remember the names. However, I can say that I remember it being winter recording most of the tapes for a time frame. I do have one success story. One show you broke in between sets and the last song was one I played over and over. So when you went through the titles, I picked up on Green... something. I searched the newer playlist for anything Green. Its was Green Issac, so I googled them and found Pearl Dive. Now I have the CD and its burned on my hard drive forever!! Sadly thats all Ive recovered. If I could have anything list wise from those years, I would research every song for the ones I remember no matter how long it took. And maybe pick up on some new ones along my search. What an adventure that would be lol!

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