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Greetings from UK-searching for program lists from 1986-87

Posted by Toby Warren on 2011-04-12, 17:39:01
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I just found this website. I lived in North America from 1985-89 and was a regular listener to your fantastic two hours program which aired on Sunday nights in Milwaukee. I recorded straight on to cassette then and still have some original Frank Forrest selections which I listen to still today. I really need your help to find music by a Japanese band going by the name ''Upsaris'' (sounds like) which featured on M.S. around 1986. This particular program also featured Ronnie Montrose, Charles Lloyd and ended with Pat Metheny''s ''As Falls Witchita''. I particularly loved the ''Upsaris'' track and would love to get hold of one of their CD''s from then. Any help in locating their music will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Toby. Email-tobyandmari@gmail.com

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