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Synaethesia and Accent Differentials

Posted by Tone on 2011-10-22, 22:23:01
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Any Synaesthetic people around? Seeing sound is an objective fixed function of the brain. In other words the same sounds always produce the same colored textures with no variation, and there is logical sense to the resulting colored textures. For instance high and bright is always light and low is always dark. Whitenoise is really white, and white is of course all the light frequencies mixed seen by the eye just like whitenoise is all the audio freqs 20 to 20,000 hz. so that proves the objective nature of synaesthesia.

Also another thing that anyone can do is perceive musical patterns in two different ways depending on which note you choose to accent with your brain. Example songs are Crusts of Dust and Biller - Le Satchi. This is the audio equivalent of that famous vase-face picture where you can see either two faces or a vase depending on which color your eyes choose to accent.

Music is sort of a combo of subjective taste and objective perceptual ability. I still say the mid 90s (''93 - ''97) were much deeper than other musics before and after them.

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