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30 Years...Thanks Forest

Posted by Mike on 2011-12-24, 19:40:00
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Listened to the 30th anniversary show. It was great. Appreciate you bringing 30 years of innovation in music. I started listening in 1985 with some guy named Frank Forest hosting music like I never heard before...and Thoms of Maine Toothpaste commercials.

Streaming is a great thing. Don''t have to rely on woose radio programmers/directors dropping MSS because they just don''t want to play anything besides top-pop 40.

As a matter of fact a couple of years ago, while teaching high school, I was on my conference period grading papers. A student came in to drop something off, while I was listening to MSS on Live365. The student thought it was ''devil'' music and complained to the principal. The principal came around to my room, listened in, and asked me if it was ''stoner'' music. I laughed and showed her the MSS website. I told her it was ''ambient'' music. She told me to turn it off and never play it around the kids....oh well..... Glad I can listen to MSS any other time I want.

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