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2011: some great finds

Posted by Trent on 2012-01-03, 19:46:12
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Hi All, just thought I''d share some discoveries in music I made in 2011. One of the highlights was the Pop Ambient series; an annual release from the Kompakt label, there''s been one each year since 2003, with 2012''s due out soon. Check them out, similar to my experiences with the Waveform releases, they''re a collection of real eye-opening artists that I''d never heard of before. Artists like Bvdub, Marsen Jules, Klimek. Incredibly well sequenced and the track selection is phenomenal. Subsequently, I picked up Marsen Jules'' album called Yara...what a great find!

Also discovered an artist called Tycho (check out the album Dive), at Seattle''s Decibel Festival last Fall. Other great discoveries: Psycho Navigator by Lenny Ibizarre; A Deep Dive by Nordlight; Haralambos by Bexar Bexar; Kindred by SubtractiveLAD; Beautifully Falling Apart by Marconi Union.

Wishing you all a great year in 2012

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