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Old programs in MP3

Posted by Frank on 2012-03-18, 04:33:32
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Waaaaaay Back in the Day (we're talking in the 1999 time-frame) one could download MS shows from a site called (I think) Audio Highway or something like that. In those days I had only 56k dial-up so downloading just one show would typically take me a few days as each part of the show would take at least 6 hours or so to download and that was assuming I didn't lose the connection part way through the download (which would regularly happen).

Nevertheless I acquired an ample library of old MS shows (#9105 thru #0050), burned them to CD and wisely stored them in a cool place out of the heat and sunlight and from other potential damaging effects.

In June 2000 I had to sell my computer to raise cash due to moving across the country. I stopped downloading shows of course and never bought a new PC until several years later.

Does anyone out there know how long those shows were continued to be posted and available for download before it became illegal to do so?

And the biggie here is (not sure what the legality of this would be) if anyone has shows from #0051 to whatever, would you be willing to do a trade with me?

I appreciate whatever information anyone can provide.

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