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re: re: Old programs in MP3

Posted by Eric on 2012-03-18, 08:25:29
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In 1999 and 2000 the show was legally downloadable from a few different sites. I thought the most recent one was called Audio Galaxy.

After that site went belly up (very few of those audio sites remained after the dotcom crash of 2000), the show was carried by the excellent (and still existing) SomaFM until around 2003. After that, downloading pretty much came to an end.

I have everything from #9105 (Jan, 1999) through #0318 (May, 2003) which must have been the final show carried by SomaFM because I don't have a show after that until 2006. And I have #7413 and #8413 which are the year end Best Of shows from 1997 and 1998.

After 0318 I have some shows here and there but not all. I sometimes recorded the show back when I had XM satellite radio. I also was able to capture some live streams from Live365 and Radioio but doing so was far more difficult than the old days of downloading. I gave up after a while. The most recent show I have is from July, 2008.

I'm sure it wouldn't be legal for me or anyone to distribute these shows. And it wouldn't be practical since it's many gigabytes of files.

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