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Starstreams Library Dups for Sale!

Posted by forest on 2013-06-05, 14:37:50
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We are relocating to Hawaii before the year is out and I have some cases of studio double CDs that I cannot keep moving around. In other words, these are CDs I already have copies of and they are doubles or back ups of what I use on the program (not rejects) so I am wanting to sell them. So here's the skinny: Approximately 120 CDs to the case and price is $99 plus shipping which will probably be about $20 by US Media Mail or UPS, depending on where you live. So, you're paying about $1 a CD. It will be the luck of the draw - whatever is in the box is what you get. If you are interested, hit me up with an email to forest@starstreams.com or call me at 619/276-8989. Payment options are send in a money order or use Paypal or a credit or debit card with an additional $4 being added to the order to cover their fees. Thanks!

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re: Starstreams Library Dups for Sale!   posted by: forest

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