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Playlists from ''86

Posted by ProfPC on 2015-01-21, 20:26:08
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Hello all. Like many of you, my life changed significantly when I discovered the music of Starstreams. I was seeing a girl in high school and she turned me on to the music of Jarre, TDream and MS. While the girl didn't work out, I never let go of my interest in the music. MS aired on our local station here at 10pm Sunday nights from probably 1984 - 1988-ish. Over the past 30 years, this music has become a part of me.

Reading through the forums, early playlists seem to be highly sought after. Digging through some old boxes, I found several tapes of the show (yes, I taped the shows regularly) and I even wrote down some of the titles. I am amazed these lasted so long. Hopefully these lists help us fill the gaps in our memory as well as document the early years of the show. Enjoy!

[I apologize in advance for potential mis-spellings and any incompleteness. In most cases, I have only one hour of set lists from these episodes. These playlists come from circa 1986. The only playlist I can date with certainty is the 'Favorites' show from 1986. I happened to record Forest's announcing over the music on that episode]

MS Favorites 1986
JMJarre "Part 4" from Equinox
Kitaro "Silver Moon" from In Person
Yanni "Port of Mystery" from Keys to Imagination
Ray Lynch "The Oh of Pleasure" from Deep Breakfast
Mannheim Steamroller "Crystal" from Fresh Aire 4
Will Ackerman "Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit" from Passage
Kitaro "Wings" from Tenku
Peter Davidson "Lunar Halo" from Winds of Space
Michel Genest "Islands of Paradise" from Ascension
Latitude "At a Heart's Glance" from Latitude

Undated Program, circa 1986
Kenneth Nash "Omni" from Music From a Far Away Place
David Sylvian "Healing Place" from Gone to Earth
Larkin "Mountain Pass" from Earthlight
Schonherz & Scott "One Night in Vienna" from One Night in Vienna
Michael Stearns "A Moment Before" from Floating Whispers
Mannheim Steamroller "Crystal" from Fresh Aire 4
Paul Winter "For the Beauty of the Earth" from Misa Guia (?)
David Hykes/Harmonic Choir "Harmonic Relation" from Harmonic Meeting

Undated Program, circa 1986
Friedmann "Indian Summer" from Indian Summer
Irene Hume "Witness"
Michael Stearns "Almost Daybreak" from Floating Whispers
Mike Whitelee "Water Tray"
Shayla "Magical Aires" from Vision Seeker
Pete Bardans "Prelude"
Mark Isham "Sympathy and Acknowledgement" from Vapor Drawings
Budd and Eno "Wind and Lonely Fences" from Plateaux of Mirrors
Johannes Schmoelling "Zeit" from Wuviend Reit
Eroc "Vogelfrei"
Shayla "The Dawning" from Vision Seeker
Ron Heart "Dia"

Undated Program, circa 1986
Friedmann "Indian Summer"
David Van Tegham "Crystals" from Safety in Numbers
Phil Thorton "Into the Tradewinds" from Flying
Kitaro "Mysterious Encounter" from Light of the Spirit
Johannes Schmoelling "Zeit" from Wuviend Reit
David Arkenstone "Ancient Legend" from Valley in the Clouds
Patrick O'Hearn "Rain Maker" from Between Two Worlds
Chris Spheeris "Field of Tears" from Desires of the Heart
Peter Kater "Procession of Clouds" from Fool and the Hummingbird
Richard Burmer "Bhakti Point"
Paul Horn "Traveler" from Earthsong
Magical Strings "Dance of the Twilight" from On the Buren
Wavestar "Moonwind"
Georgia Kelly "Chiavina (?)" from Harp and Soul
Shalya "The Dawning" from Vision Seeker
Cluster and Eno "Stine Sane (?)" from Old Land
Neal Nap "July" (?)

Undated Program, circa 1986
Arudo (?) "Cyrilus" from 1st Incarnation
Jeam "Barrian's Window" from Stargate
Peter Zeiler "Serengehti" from Flying Frames
Jon Renborne "Variations on my Lady Carries Domp (?)" from Nine Maidens
John Jarvis "Blue Moon of Kentucky" from So Fa' So Good
Ronnie Montroz "Women of Ireland" from Territory
Richard Stoltzman "Amazing Grace" from Begin Sweet World
Gershon Kingsley "Illumination" from Much Silence

Undated set, circa 1986
Leona Boyd "L'efant" from Persona
Tangerine Dream (?)
Garry Hughes "Algiers" from Sacred Cities

That's all I have. Thanks Forest, for everything.

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