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Playlists - 1981 to 1996

Posted by indiviniti on 2015-10-12, 01:20:38
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Thanks to those that had posted track titles and artists from the early years of MS. There''s still quite a bit of very good music that will be lost to time as the memory of the early MS music fades with those that enjoyed it so, and the music itself is lost in collections that slowly fade to trash by those who are not inclined to appreciate it. It''s not that much work, if it was never put to paper, to listen to the old tapes for the track names. Simply airing the old tapes and letting the community do the work to fill in the lost years would help preseve the music itself. If it were a subscription option, I''d subscribe, as the old selections and the artists in those years is what good new age music to me was all about. Not that there isn''t exceptional music published every day, it''s just in this wide wide world of music that there is now, chances of finding the good stuff is as hard as it ever was if not much harder ... which is why we tuned in every week to hear the gems gleaned, those diamonds from the rough that only Forest could find. Bring back the golden years of MS ... let us listen once more ...

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