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Sounds like Cat People- no words... c.1989(ish)

Posted by Grant on 2017-06-12, 22:24:02
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I''m a long-time listener and back in, oh maybe 1989-ish, and I could be +/- 2 years, it was I think Musical Starstreams, which featured a track that had no "lyrics" but the vocals were spot on like David Bowie''s "Cat People". Very mystical track.

I have a clip saved on a poor quality cassette, but ever since, have been hoping to find who the artist was and on what album the track is found. I would like to buy it, but at this time, I have no information.

I have tried every YouTube and Google search I can think of but have come up without any match, so far.

Not much to go on, nearly three decades later, but I hope worth a shot?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,

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