Musical Starstreams Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Where can I find this music?"
If it's a title on the Waveform label, buy it on our offers page at the best prices, save money and support our program. For other titles, search for the song or album at Gemm or Backroads at 800.767.4748 (415.924.4848 outside the USA & Canada). Also search for the artist, song or album title on google. Most storefront retailers stock only hits and won't have a clue. They can special order some titles but you'll wait and probably pay more.

"Can I buy your shows on CD?"
No. Unfortunately, copyright laws prevent us from selling CDs of our individually broadcast programs.

"If I buy the entire Waveform package will I get EVERYTHING I've heard on the program?"
No. We pick from thousands of CDs in our library for our shows. However, if you view any playlist you'll see tracks sprinkled in from ALL the Waveform titles we sell, just like you see tracks from other labels. So though the answer is no, all the Waveform titles we sell are heard in our programs.

"How can I listen to one particular program online?"
We can no longer offer that option since the RIAA outlawed anything repeating within a three hour period when it pushed the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) through congress. So our listening options have been restricted to ongoing streams that you join in progress when you click on our listen links. One of our last six to eight programs will be playing from Live365 and be the last item number shown in your player window (like 0515 for example). The latest program airs more frequently than the others. The only way to allow individual program listening on demand is with a paid subscriber model which we have resisted because we want our streams to be free whenever possible (though donations are always welcome).
"How can I tell what I heard on the radio at 'X time' last night?"
Because radio stations insert their own local announcements in each broadcast, it's difficult for us to identify a song that played at exactly "10:57pm." Look over our playlists and listen to the shows again, to identify everything, including music we play on our music intensive Starstreams Channel, by the playlist number.

"How can I listen online?"
It's easy! Click on one of the listen or playlists links from anywhere on our site for mp3 streams. Just follow the easy instructions. You simply click on the speakers you'll see as you scroll down the page for each mp3 streaming option.

"What are mp3 streams?"
Mp3s are digital sound files offered as STREAMS (a little gets sent at a time) to your computer, while you listen to them with an mp3 player like Windows Media Player. If the streams keep cutting out, it probably means your connection speed can't keep up with the speed of the stream. Avoid listening to a faster stream than your connection speed. High speed streams sound best but require high speed connections like cable and DSL. Some ingeneous folks have developed free online software programs like stream ripper and goldwave that will take a stream and capture it as a download. Downloading certain music files (not streams) may be illegal, even so, some listeners will burn their downloads to a CD or load them into an mp3 player for portable listening.

"How can I get my music played on Starstreams?"
Please start by reading our terms of usage and familiarizing yourself with the style of music we use -- mid to downtempo, exotic electronica. If you think your stuff fits, send your release on regular CD only (no mp3s) to our mailing address below and then watch our playlists to see if it worked for us.
"How can I tell what artist and song is playing online?"
First, determine the program that's playing (usually the last six or eight in rotation with the lastest program airing more frequently) by looking at the player window you are listening through or by clicking on the 'what's playing now link' on our listen page. Standard is what you hear if you are not a paid subscriber and Premium is when you pay Live365 and then they allow you to listen without their commercials. The last item showing in the player window is the program number that is currently playing, i.e., various-starstreams_ch.0515, which means you are listening somewhere in 0515. Then print out or look at that playlist from our playlist archives. Your choice then is to try and determine where you are listening in the program or LISTEN TO OUR FULLY HOSTED STREAM WHERE WE TELL YOU THE NAME OF EVERY ARTIST AND ALBUM.

"How can I tell what's playing when only Program and Set Numbers show?"
This happens when the reporting system lacks the technology to show the individual songs within our sets. Certain places show each program number and one of its five sets when you listen, i.e., 0515.1 or 0515 - Set One. When you know this information your search is narrowed to three or four songs which you can view when you look up the playlist number. Or, you can print out the playlist and follow along while the program airs. Another option is which usually shows song titles. We program radioioAMBIENT with Starstreams sets streaming back to back, in random order, creating a full-time radio station format!

"Help! I can't listen!"
If you have listening problems, read our ten simple steps to listening, then or call us toll free at 888 S-T-A-R-388 and we'll do our best to help you connect.

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