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"Where can I find this music?"
If it's a title on the Waveform label, buy it on their offers page at the best prices, save money and support our program. For other titles, search for the artist, song or album at google. Most storefront retailers stock only hits and won't have a clue about this music. They can special order some titles but you'll wait and probably pay more. There are now of course many download and streaming options too, if you're not interested in a CD of the music.

"Can I buy your shows on CD?"
No. Unfortunately, copyright laws prevent us from selling CDs of our broadcast programs. However we do give away returned discs from our stations with certain Waveform titles we sell and with donations. Check our offers page for the free CDs we include with donations and the forum pages for details on our Premium Playlist Service.

"Does the entire Waveform pkg include everything you play?"
No. We pick from thousands of CDs in our library for our shows. However, if you view any playlist you'll see tracks sprinkled in from ALL the Waveform titles we sell, just like you see tracks from other labels. So though the answer is no, all the Waveform titles we sell are heard in our programs.
"How can I tell what I heard on the radio or online at 'X time'?"
Because online streams are hosted many places and because radio stations insert local breaks in shows, it's impossible to identify a song that played at exactly "10:57pm." Check the Mixcloud player, or look over our playlists archive for more info.

"How can I listen online?"
Click our listen or playlists links for mp3 streams. Some folks use programs like Stream Ripper or Audacity to capture a stream as a download. Downloading certain music files may be illegal, even so, some listeners burn their downloads to a CD, or load them into a player or thumb drive. There's less need for that now that you can listen to streams anywhere on your smart phone, tablet or computer using the link to Mixcloud or the Mixcloud app.

"How can I get my music played on Starstreams?"
Please start by reading our terms of usage and familiarizing yourself with the style of music we use -- mid to downtempo, exotic electronica. If you think your stuff fits, send a Sound Cloud full .wav file link or a regular CD (no mp3s) to: Musical Starstreams, PO Box 979, Kihei, HI 96753-0979 USA and then watch our playlists to see if it worked for us.
"How can I tell what artist and song is playing online?"
Our Mixcloud.Com broadcast displays the artists and song titles. For more detailed info, determine the program that's playing by looking at the player window you are listening through, then look up that playlist from our program archives. The best listening option is Mixcloud.com which is free, has no commercials and displays song titles while you listen. Click the 'Play All' button there and create a full-time radio station of shows!

"Can I listen to one particular program online?"
Yes, at Mixcloud.com. We are adding more shows there on a regular basis. The RIAA's DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), constrains and outlaws certain programming practices and it compromises your listening options. Support our efforts to keep the music flowing with your welcome donations.

"What else do you produce?"
Forest also produces Earotica which is similar to Starstreams but without any confines imposed by radio broadcasting and The Blue Bus his weekly live Maui Classic Rock radio show, which sometimes includes tracks also heard on Starstreams. Click the 'Play All' button there and create a full-time radio station of shows! Happy listening!

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