About Musical Starstreams

About Musical Starstreams

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Musical Starstreams originated and first aired in San Francisco on December 20th of 1981. For over two decades we've been heard at one time or another on over 200 commercial USA radio stations, foreign stations, cable systems, satellite radio and the internet. We offer a unique, refreshing mix of "exotic electronica" that's continually produced TOP RATINGS with every age group, especially those 25-54. In Top Ten USA markets like Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, where we've aired on the same stations for as long as twenty plus years, we're often the highest rated program with this age group.

If you enjoy our program, periodically contact the PROGRAM DIRECTOR of the station, cable, satellite or internet location where you listen and tell them. This constant support is necessary to help keep us on the air. Also, help out by inviting everyone you know to listen. Join us on Facebook and MySpace. Your word-of-mouth reccomendation is a powerful tool to help us get high ratings and remain available. Patronizing our music sponsors directly supports increased exposure of intelligent music. We are competing with million dollar program suppliers who would love to replace us with the usual unconscious programming heard on radio today. So, please take advantage of our direct-to-you music offers and show your support by deciding to donate a few bucks to the cause.

Copyright laws prevent us from selling copies of the programs. If you'd like to add something we've played to your music collection, check our music offers or the sources listed on our faq page. If you're not sure about something you heard, view our playlists and listen again by clicking on the listen option.

Each year, respected NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) speakers urge programmers to be innovative and "special," and offer listeners something they can't hear everywhere else. Sadly, too many radio programmers are powerless or lack the vision, programming instead to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully, we still have some enlightened stations, the internet and satellite radio as additional listening options.

Thanks for listening to the exotic side of radio, telling your friends about us, actively urging stations and sites to add us to their programming and for your support of Musical Starstreams.  Listen...while we create FUTURE RADIO! TM

yours in music,
producer and host
Musical Starstreams

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