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Playlist for Program #0024
(first scheduled airdate 11/Jun/00)

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0024.1: artist song title album title length label
Fresh Moods Jenny Swerve 6:49 Elektrolux
Open Canvas Electric Karma Indumani 3:55 Waveform
Steven Cragg Hare' Hare' EnTrance 8:29 New World
- end of set - - - - -
0024.2: artist song title album title length label
Synchromatic Dubsters Terremoto Ambient Diary.Three  (featured release) 3:58 Elektrolux
Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader Erdenleicht Erdenklang 6:11 Erdenklang
Don Dorsey Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor BMV 565 Bachbusters 9:56 Telarc
- end of set - - - - -
0024.3: artist song title album title length label
Sounds From the Ground Planted Terra Firma 9:46 Waveform
Richard Thompson Till Minne Av Jan Whatever 4:40 Hannibal
Sanjiva Four Dimensional Interaction Initiation 8:28 NinetySix Sounds
- end of set - - - - -
0024.4: artist song title album title length label
Ruxpin Flying Ambient Diary.Three  (featured release) 6:00 Elektrolux
Brains Unchained Fiend of Dope Island Son of Bastard Tracks 6:18 Different Drummer
Kozo Touch Planned Penetration 4:34 Waveform
- end of set - - - - -
0024.5: artist song title album title length label
Omicron A Thousand Dyes on the Moist Earth Acrocosm 6:15 Instinct
Giles Reaves A Veil of Tears Nothing is Lost 7:54 MCA
Padmasana Multiverses Sky Dancing 13:26 Dakini
- end of program #0024 first scheduled airdate - 11-Jun-00

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