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Playlist for Program #0220
(first scheduled airdate 19/May/02)

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0220.1: artist song title album title length label
Bed of Roses Spectre The Kissing Tree 4:24 Divination
Nor Elle Silent Storm Ibiza Chillout Volume 1 8:12 ZYX
ATOI, Jaia Devotion, L'iveresse des Profundeurs Farenheit Project Part One 7:45 Infinium
- end of set - - - - -
0220.2: artist song title album title length label
Ticon On the Rocks Chillosophy Number 2  (featured release) 5:03 Digital Structures
The Mighty Bop Baby Dream Abstract Vibes 5:03 Quango
Banco de Gaia Desert Wind Ambient Dub Volume 1 - The Big Chill 7:51 Beyond
- end of set - - - - -
0220.3: artist song title album title length label
ZerO One pOssibilites protOtype2 5:56 Waveform
Dogon Lashtal Constellation Report 6:16 I-S-I-S
Vibratribe Bamboo Dream Vibratribe 6:07 Golden Seed
- end of set - - - - -
0220.4: artist song title album title length label
Karl Axel Bissler Changes Chillosophy Number 2  (featured release) 6:28 Digital Structures
Steven Cragg Hare' Hare' EnTrance 8:10 New World
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke Shadow Magnet Duality 7:30 4AD
- end of set - - - - -
0220.5: artist song title album title length label
Zion Train Mossman Zion Train Remix Sunset Magnetic North 5:50 Waveform
Space Safari Smoke Soul 8:10 free form
Bob Holroyd Crusts of Dust Stages 9:32 BHCD
- end of program #0220 first scheduled airdate - 19-May-02

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