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Playlist for Program #0244
(first scheduled airdate 3/Nov/02)

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0244.1: artist song title album title length label
Gandalf Earthbound The Universal Play 4:20 CBS
Nova Nova La Chanson de Roland Purified 5:24 Water Music
Phase 5 Verb Vendor Space Bar 6:50 Different Drummer
- end of set - - - - -
0244.2: artist song title album title length label
Nick Holder Moments in Dub Dub Selector 2  (featured release) 5:55 Quango
Mars Lasar Hidden Crater The Eleventh Hour 6:04 Real Music
Om Visiting Earth Earth Awakening 6:22 Alchemical
- end of set - - - - -
0244.3: artist song title album title length label
Slowdeck Butterfly Multiple Offenses 3:59 Waveform
Cyber Zen Sound Engine Life on the Grid (The Power) Auslšnder 4:30 N-Light-N
Prior World Prowling the Beat Tales of a Prior World 8:03 Priorworld.com
- end of set - - - - -
0244.4: artist song title album title length label
Noiseshaper The Only Redeemer (Groove Corporation Remix) Dub Selector 2  (featured release) 5:18 Quango
Peter Buffett One More Time The Waiting 5:13 Narada
Vangelis Opening Titles from "The Bounty" Themes 4:03 Polydor
ISHQ Sky Blue Orchid 11:43 Interchill
- end of set - - - - -
0244.5: artist song title album title length label
Irina Sovulej Dimanche 7:22 Water Music
Alpha Wave Movement Gaia's Heartbeat Concept of Motion 7:32 Groove Unltd.
Skin to Skin (portion) Daimon Temenos 14:32 Waveform
- end of program #0244 first scheduled airdate - 3-Nov-02

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