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Playlist for Program #0417
(first scheduled airdate 25/Apr/04)

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0417.1: artist song title album title length label
P.M. FM Connected Rotations 5:36 Jubilee
Grey Area Pure & Sample Shanti Bar 7:30 Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Sidestepper Maine Terra Musica 5:36 Zip Dog
- end of set - - - - -
0417.2: artist song title album title length label
Heavenly Music Corporation Flowers & Beads (vocoded transmission) Oscillations  (featured release) 5:59 Halcyon
Plexus The Wind That Blows Through Me Plexus 6:16 unreleased
Idiom Creek As We Go to the Amusment Park Room From Another Music 3:31 Samplistic
- end of set - - - - -
0417.3: artist song title album title length label
Karma Sutra Robbery of Vibrations Voodoo Roux Deux 6:40 Waveform
Radar Running Away Nothing is Real 5:02 Anything Goze
Moonlight Sound Design Shadows Ibiza Chillout (special classic mix edition) 5:40 ZYX
- end of set - - - - -
0417.4: artist song title album title length label
Michael Halcyon vs. T. Lemmo The Emptiness that Contains Everything Oscillations  (featured release) 5:50 Halcyon
Healer Continents WonderGround 10:00 Flying Rhino
Thomas Barquee La Buddha Temple 10:27 Hearts of Space
- end of set - - - - -
0417.5: artist song title album title length label
Tweaker 2 a.m. 2 A.M. Wakeup Call 3:10 iMusic
Ott Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack Blumenkraft 12:10 Twisted
Loop Guru (portion) The Third Chamber (part 4) Duniya 16:03 Waveform
- end of program #0417 first scheduled airdate - 25-Apr-04

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