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Playlist for Program #0433
(first scheduled airdate 15/Aug/04)

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0433.1: artist song title album title length label
Airto Endless Cycle The Other Side of This 3:53 Rykodisc
Chalifour Driving Dream Technautoroute 6:00 Chalifourmusic.com
Richard Bone Impossible Ships The Reality Temples 6:34 Spiralight
- end of set - - - - -
0433.2: artist song title album title length label
Atha Ultimate Knowledge/Intro Escape Velocity  (featured release) 4:56 Distearth
Solea Amphibia Floating Glassy Raft Stratosphear 7:15 No Bones
Lemongrass Planet Tears Windows 6:53 Water Music
- end of set - - - - -
0433.3: artist song title album title length label
Sounds From the Ground Tumbledown Luminal 6:23 Waveform
Howie B Fizzy in My Mouth Turn the Dark Off 4:13 Island
Son Kite Million Wishes Chillosophy 3 5:30 Digital Structures
- end of set - - - - -
0433.4: artist song title album title length label
Atha Trail of Stars Escape Velocity  (featured release) 6:00 Distearth
Global Communication 8:07, 5:23 76:14 13:20 Dedicated
Ian Boddy Chiasmata Chiasmata 8:01 DIN
- end of set - - - - -
0433.5: artist song title album title length label
Phutureprimitive Rites of Passage Sub Conscious 11:08 Waveform
Flow Motion Space Jungle vs. Starglider Globe@T 5:06 Irma
Jason Joseph Strings & Shadow (a spider's despair) Steps of the Pilgrim 4:32 Comfortably Obscured
Deuter Rainforest Sands of Time 11:20 Kuckuck
- end of program #0433 first scheduled airdate - 15-Aug-04

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