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Playlist for Program #0616
(scheduled airdate 16/Apr/06)

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0616.1: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Sheila Chandra Quiet 10 Quiet 4:45 Caroline1996017046178228
The Beatles Within You, Without You Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 4:58 Capitol1967077774644228
Blue Planet Full Moon Peace for Kabul 7:45 Blue Flame199774321445922
- end of set - - - - ---
0616.2: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Flipside Relief Sky Lounge  (featured release) 6:22 Water Music2003030206030822
Peter Benisch Love Theme Soundtrack Saga 6:42 Turbo2001617465600821
Archetribe Machine Messiah Earthtones 3:51 Stretta2001631691020024
- end of set - - - - ---
0616.3: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Witchcraft We Rest Slumberland 4:12 Waveform1997789068710129
Dead Can Dance The Host of Seraphim A Passage in Time 6:04 Rykodisc1991014431021527
Torch Song Slip Away Toward the Unknown Region 5:28 N-Gram1995745099896928
- end of set - - - - ---
0616.4: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Map Mystic Dream Sky Lounge  (featured release) 3:54 Water Music2003030206030822
Jestofunk Fluid Love in a Black Dimension 6:24 Irma19955099748039026
Professor Oz Waves & Sun
(Grant Phabao Waves & Skunk Remix)
Dub Selector 2 9:30 Quango2002660200501921
Gotan Project El Capitalismo Foraneo Hi-Fidelity Lounge Volume Two 5:52 Guidance2000634651057627
- end of set - - - - ---
0616.5: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
David Sylvian The Healing Place Gone to Earth 5:06 Virgin19865012981239022
Spice Barons Spice of God Unidentified Floating Ambience 7:18 Silent1994753443945420
Afro Celt Sound System Release It (instrumental) Volume 2: Release 6:16 Real World1999724384732424
Pilgrims of the Mind Sandcastle Sunset Magnetic North 10:43 Waveform2001789060110323
end of pgm #0616 - - - ---

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