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Playlist for Program #0726
(first scheduled airdate 1/Jul/07)

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0726.1: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
DJ Sun Ten Monday Drive (EP) 6:37 Alternative Take2006n/a
France & Dom Exposure (remix) Cafe Ibiza Vol. 2 4:12 Water Music2002030206023220
Cantoma Cosmopole Cantoma 6:36 Quango2005182784100524
- end of set - - - - ---
0726.2: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Hibernation Melt Midnight Soul Dive   (featured release) 5:12 Aleph Zero2007634479491603
Under the Radar Unpredictable Constant A Small Glitch in Time 5:26 Northersouth2007634479539930
Human Mesh Dance Infinity Mindflower 5:34 Instinct1994720841030324
- end of set - - - - ---
0726.3: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
deep-dive-corp. Relaxer Voodoo Roux Deux 7:53 Waveform2002789060210320
Boards of Canada Turquoise Hexagon Sun Music Has the Right to Children 5:06 Matador1998744861029922
DJ Shadow What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) Endtroducing DJ Shadow 5:02 Mowax1998769712412326
- end of set - - - - ---
0726.4: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Anahata Prana Midnight Soul Dive   (featured release) 6:20 Aleph Zero2007634479491603
Natural Frequencies Dreaming Tranquility in Motion 8:10 Ozella20074038952220081
Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana & Greg Hunter Gbehee (A New Path) Sub Signals - Volume 1 5:55 Interchill20065017744101783
Omnimotion Wide Awake (feat. Krister Linder) Dream Wide Awake 6:31 Aleph Zero2006634479333477
- end of set - - - - ---
0726.5: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Grey Area Sadness Dub And Then the Clouds 7:01 Waveform2005789060510321
Hunch Is This the Place Abstract Vibes 5:11 Quango1995016244801525
Banco de Gaia Desert Wind (El Ahram Mix) Excursions in Ambience 6:42 Caroline1993017046173322
Healer Speaking with a Def Man WonderGround 12:05 Flying Rhino20005032198000932
end of pgm #0726 - - - ---

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