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Playlist for Program #0940
(scheduled airdate 4/Oct/09)

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0940.1: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
LR-60 & Mr. Moods Psychedelic Scheme Ultraviolence 5:10 LR-60 & Mr. Moods2009884501204101
Richard Bone Somaia Arafa The Ghosts of Hanton Village 5:36 Quirkworks2009818702380227
Deborah Martin - Erik Wollo The Thunder & the Water Between Worlds 6:09 Spotted Peccary2009600028906225
- end of set - - - - ---
0940.2: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Pia Silvi Imaginary Cossacks Virtually Handsewn   (featured release) 4:07 Piasilvi.com2008n/a
Warp Technique Nightbreak Make Animals Happy 9:51 DubMission20085050693220327
Carmen Rizzo Not Enough Ornament of an Imposter 4:08 Electrofone2008842994011620
- end of set - - - - ---
0940.3: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Sounds From the Ground Dune Brightwhitelight 6:53 Waveform2008789060810223
Pitch Black Transient Transmission (fig2) Rude Mechanicals 5:32 DubMission20075050693180225
Snakestyle My Angel Snakestyle 6:28 Millennium20075028557014122
- end of set - - - - ---
0940.4: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Pia Silvi I Scared Virtually Handsewn   (featured release) 7:29 Piasilvi.com2008n/a
Nacho Sotomayor After the Rain Interior 5:26 Absolut Ambient20078421597051145
Fragile State Undercurrent (Alucidnation downtempo remix) Eco Zen 2 8:09 One World20089316512000225
Tabula Rasa Sunset at the Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Afterhours 6:53 Moonshine1994785688001920
- end of set - - - - ---
0940.5: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Third Ear Audio Up in Smoke Waveform Transmissions - Volume Two 6:56 Waveform2009789060910220
Magic Sound Fabric Heavenšs Coming Soon Observer 5:03 Spiralight2009657098001022
Makyo Jasmine Portal of Perceptions 10:42 Celestial Dragon20059366977744882
Idiom Creek (portion) Ambient Odysseus Sweet-Time-Girl 7:18 Samplistic Media2009884501153133
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