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Playlist for Program #1108
(first scheduled airdate 20/Feb/11)

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1108.1: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Four Tet Wing Body Wing Ringer (EP) 7:25 Domino2008801390018329
Don Peyote Born African (One Love Dub Mix) Peyote Dreaming 4:02 Don Peyote20089399613333607
Warp Technique Make Animals Happy Make Animals Happy 6:25 Dub Mission20085050693220327
- end of set - - - - ---
1108.2: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Johan Agebjorn Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon The Mountain Lake  (featured release) 4:50 Lotuspike2011600028001920
Bob Holroyd Beautiful Domination Beachcombing 5:24 Bobholroyd.com2011n/a
Sonic Logic Life Is... Chilly Peppers vol. 1 8:31 Beats & Pieces2010884502404333
- end of set - - - - ---
1108.3: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Pitch Black Fragile Ladders Rude Mechanicals 5:00 Dub Mission20085050693180225
Marconi Union Stationary A Lost Connection 7:59 Marconiunion.com2008n/a
Skylab Seashell The Trip Hop Test Part One 5:38 Moonshine1994785688002125
- end of set - - - - ---
1108.4: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Johan Agebojrn Take Me Home (with Sylwia Van Der Wonderland) The Mountain Lake  (featured release) 5:00 Lotuspike2011600028001920
Sounds From the Ground Vessel and the Deep Thru the Ages 4:33 Upstream20095060147124835
Dave Luxton Edge of Night Dark Moon 5:15 Wayfarer2011884502914108
Stevie Be Zet Man in the Machine Archaic Modulation 13:16 Recycle or Die1993745099534721
- end of set - - - - ---
1108.5: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Snakestyle Out of Bounds Pt 1 Turning Point 6:39 Alex Tronic20085029385987138
Evan Marc & Steve Hillage Hynagogue Dreamtime Submersible 8:41 Somnia2008844185016469
Underworld Banstyle/Sappys Curry Second Thoughts in the Infants 15:20 Wax Trax!1996016581724020
end of pgm #1108 - - - ---

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