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Playlist for Program #1419
(scheduled airdate 11/May/14)

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1419.1: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Soulfood & Jadoo Tantrica Buddha Chill 4:42 Soulfood2008682947003322
Legion of Green Men Blowbaq BaqonTraq (EP) 6:34 Post Contemporary2008623339552820
Underworld River of Bass Dubnobasswithmyheadman 6:25 Wax Trax!1994016581721722
- end of set - - - - ---
1419.2: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Kaya Project When Only Sand Remains (Tripswitch rmx) Desert Phase Remixes  (featured release) 5:15 Interchill20105060147126334
Richard Bone Rejected Robot Seeks Same Beleagured Blossoms 7:00 Quirkworks2010818702383228
Snakestyle Last Night (feat. Osamu Yano) Turning Point 7:00 Alex Tronic20085029385987138
- end of set - - - - ---
1419.3: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
The Eff Word TBC (Crustation Slow Mix) Frosty 4:32 Waveform1996789068610429
Carmen Rizzo Amborella The Lost Art of the Idle Moment 4:53 Lab2005030206150025
Youth vs. Abakus Spiritual Being Tandava Vol. 2 5:11 Sounds True2008600835119023
- end of set - - - - ---
1419.4: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
Kaya Project Desert Child - Oblique Industries 'inner child' mix Desert Phase Remixed  (featured release) 5:55 Interchill20105060147126334
Tiger Mendoza Hope Sick (dub mix) Waveform Transmissions - Volume Three 4:32 Waveform2010789061010127
St Germain What You Think About Tourist 4:41 Blue Note2000724352511426
Richard Wahnfried Druck Slumberland Episode Two - Awake & Dreaming 18:33 Waveform2000789069910627
- end of set - - - - ---
1419.5: artist song title album title length labelyearupc
zerO One glitch ozOne 5:44 Waveform2007789060710127
Dream Jungle Compassion Lucid 4:17 Third Ear2008782478922526
Harold Budd & Hector Zazou The Aperture Glyph 11:02 Made to Measure1995017531592324
Makyo Clarity (Soft Prana Mix) Swara Mandala 10:14 Dakini2005090088767643
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