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Top 20 Albums of 2002

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Caveat: The nature of radio airplay is to concentrate on one or two important focus tracks.
Therefore, not all these albums are necessarily "good" throughout, though most are.
As always, buyer beware!

      artist ALBUM TITLE label / cat.no.
  1. Various Artists VOODOO ROUX DEUX Waveform 02103
  2. Shpongle TALES OF THE INEXPRESSIBLE Twisted 013*
  3. Omnimotion OMNIMOTION Waveform 02104
  4. MoodSwings HORIZONTAL Water Music 60223
  5. Archetribe EARTHTONES Stretta 02002
  6. Skin to Skin TEMENOS Waveform 02101
  7. Various Artists DUB SELECTOR 2 Quango 5019
  8. Slowdeck MULTIPLE OFFENSES Waveform 02102
  9. G Corp DUB PLATES FROM THE ELEPHANT HOUSE 2 Different Drummer 23*
10. Solaroid FIRST WAVE Superstudio 0768*
11. Alpha Wave Movement A DISTANT SIGNAL Harmonic Resonance 01
12. Cybertribe SACRED MEMORIES New Earth 2202
13. Various Artists NORDIC EXPOSURE Quango 5020
14. Cyber Zen Sound Engine AUSLÄNDER N-Light-N 69155
15. Various Artists BUDDHA LOUNGE Sequoia 902
16. Various Artists MYSTIC GROOVE Quango 5002
17. ISHQ ORCHID Interchill 013*
18. Various Artists HI-FIDELITY DUB SESSIONS 3 Guidance 578
19. Vibratribe VIBRATRIBE Golden Seed 10713
20. Prior World TALES OF A PRIOR WORLD Priorworld.com 100

*denotes import

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