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Top 20 Albums of 2006

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Caveat: The nature of radio airplay is to concentrate on one or two important focus tracks.
Therefore, not all these albums are necessarily "good" throughout, though most are. As always, buyer beware!

      artist ALBUM TITLE label / UPC
  1. Various Artists CHILLICIOUS Waveform 789060610120
  2. Entheogenic GOLDEN CAP Chillcode 4031345506403*
  3. Sounds From the Ground HIGH RISING Waveform 789060610229
  4. Various Artists FAHRENHEIT PROJECT PART SIX Ultimae 3760121020130*
  5. Chilled C'Quence MAGIC SENSE Ambo World 5027679005001*
  6. Side Liner EMOTIONAL DIVING Cosmicleaf 5017744101267*
  7. Loud Music for Soft People ALONE IN THE VERTIGO CONUMDRUM Light Under a Black Sky 634479297670
  8. Slackbaba AND THE BEAT GOES OM Liquid 5017744101677*
  9. e-volve HAPPY HOUR IN THE GENE POOL Evolve 837101238120
10. Capsula SYNTHESIS OF REALITY Ajana 4260089560055*#
11. Zero Cult ART OF HARMONY Cosmicleaf 5017744101615*
12. Kinder Atom SOFT HAND FEEL Nice+Smooth 5027803603097*
13. DJ Olive HEAPS AS, LIVE IN TASMANIA The Agriculture 680418004229
14. Desert Dwellers DOWNTEMPLE DUB: WAVES White Swan 717147006320
15. Rena Jones DRIFTWOOD Native State 5017744101813
16. Shiva Rea JALA Sounds True 600835104425
17. Omnimotion DREAM WIDE AWAKE Aleph Zero 634479333477*
18. Timewarp, Inc. DUB MY FUNKY GROOVE (remixes and reworks) Timewarp 520000009170*
19. Various Artists BUDDHA-LOUNGE 5 Sequoia 727044792028
20. Solar Fields LEAVING HOME Ultimae 3760121020055*

* denotes import. # denotes prior year release (usually an import that took a while to get to us) that we exposed most in 2006.

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