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Top 20 Albums of 2008

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Caveat: The nature of radio airplay is to concentrate on one or two important focus tracks.
Therefore, not all these albums are necessarily "good" throughout, though most are. As always, buyer beware!

      artist ALBUM TITLE label / UPC
  1. Warp Technique MAKE ANIMALS HAPPY DubMission 5050693220327*
  2. Sounds From the Ground BRIGHTWHITELIGHT Waveform 789060810223
  3. Various Artists TRANCHILLIZER Peak 5060147121902*
  4. Marconi Union A LOST CONNECTION Marconiunion.com*
  5. Ram Dass & Kriece COSMIX Waveform 789060810124
  6. LR-60 & Mr. Moods COLDEST MEMORIES LR-60 & Mr. Moods 796873087339
  7. Various Artists ECO ZEN 2 One World Music 9316512000225*
  8. Bluetech PHOENIX RISING Somnia 007
  9. Various Artists FUTURE MEMORIES Interchill 5060147121643*
10. Nacho Sotomayor INTERIOR Absolut Ambient 8421597051145*#
11. Timonkey CERULEA Muti Music 843041036887
12. Dream Jungle LUCID DREAMING Third Ear Music 782478922526
13. Snakestyle TURNING POINT Alex Tronic*
14. Carmen Rizzo ORNAMENT OF AN IMPOSTER Electrofone 842994011620
15. Mauxuam VICEVERSA Interchill 5060147121810*
16. Don Peyote PEYOTE DREAMING Don Peyote 9399613333607*
17. Evan Marc & Steve Hillage DREAMTIME SUBMERSIBLE Somnia 004
18. Hibernation SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE Aleph Zero 634479836299*
19. Arc Lab THE GOODBYE RADIO n5MD 702224115729
20. Pia Silvi VIRTUALLY HANDSEWN PIasilvi.com*

* denotes import. # denotes prior year release (usually an import that took a while to get to us) that we exposed most in 2008.

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